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google-inc-launches-its-adwords-app-for-android-worldwideThe Gmail Ads are by far my new favorite way to market online.

If you’re advertising on the Google Display Network using an “All features” campaign, you can choose to show ads in the Gmail Promotions tab using custom Gmail ads in the Ad gallery. For these types of ads, you’ll only pay for clicks on the collapsed ad as it appears at the top of the Promotions tab in Gmail inboxes. Once someone expands your ad, any clicks on your content are free.

How Gmail ads can appear

Gmail ads appear initially in a collapsed state at the top of the Gmail Promotions tab. Clicks on your collapsed ads expand them into a full email-sized canvas, where the viewer can interact with your ad’s images and text. People who expand your ad can choose to save it to their inbox by clicking the star icon, or by clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the message. People can also forward your expanded ads to someone else as an email message.

Differences between desktop and mobile Gmail

The Gmail ads you create may look differently based on whether they appear in the Gmail mobile app, or in Gmail on a desktop computer. AdWords optimizes ads to help make sure they look great wherever they’re shown, so your ad’s size could be adjusted to fit the mobile Gmail format. The layout of your ad, however, will remain the same.


The information below is a transcript done as I was speaking. It has not been proofread or cleaned up grammatically in any way.

As you all know Google Ad Words is full of a lot of unique and special tools. A lot of which in my opinion. Don’t get used all that much. Or to really an advertiser’s advantage. There’s one tool that. I think is really really under utilized and. If you are running ads for a client. Or if you’re doing your own ads. There is a potential advertising section that you are really really missing out on that you’ve got to tap into. So if you are familiar doll with me and if you’ve ever been on a phone call conversation with me with consulting or ever on your as one thing that you hear me talk a lot about is the Google Display Network for those who don’t know the Google Display Network is basically almost every single advertisement that you see outside of Google dot com is part of the Google Display Network. One of those Web sites. And one unique ad set that the Google Display Network. Offers is G.-Mail advertising. Now we’ve all seen this especially over the past few years when G. mails gotten some really big overhauls. Especially the adding of the tabs in particular the one we’re going to focus on is the promotions tab. We’ve seen advertisement start appearing in our actual e-mails. And I’m not just you know up at the top saying hey here’s a an advertisement based off of the e-mail that you’re looking at. But advertisements that actually start to look like e-mails. And these type of ads aren’t ads that are secret. And only available to the high and mighty. Advertisers on Google. These type of advertisements. Anybody who’s properly using Google Ad Words. Has access to through the Google Display Network. Now the reason why these G.-Mail ads are so exciting to me at least is e-mail is still the king of getting your message out. I don’t care who you are. You could tell me all you want content marketing blah blah blah. You could tell me social marketing blah blah blah. And I will look you in the face and say. And at the end of the day. Email Marketing is still keen. And I’m not saying I’m a marketing is king because of that some secret e-mail marketing company that I’m making a bazillion dollars off of a matter of fact I don’t have any connections to any email marketing companies whatsoever. This is just in my own experience with advertising. Email is still the king. When you get an e-mail message. More often than not people will read it in its entirety. Though also give it more of a chance then. Facebook posts or a blog post or things of that nature. When people are in their inbox. They are dedicated to that mbox that is something that we’ve always seen and will continue to see. Even with direct mail advertising there are so many people that say direct mail advertising sucks. But at the end of the day. It’s extremely effective. Because people enjoy getting Meynell and email is no different people like getting messages from people. Now here’s where G. Mail ads are little bit different See part of what we do what you do with the G. Mail as you create a subject line you create a the content. Inside the email you can add images. All in all. It looks like an email and. The beauty of it is you don’t get charged. Until say actually click to open up this G. mail ad. Now of course it’s going to show the yellow ads. Next to your next to your name. It’s Google’s going to make sure people are aware. This isn’t an email sent directly to you but this is an advertisement. But people have been proven to open those. I have been even one of those special and Google first release these two. Mistakenly open one thinking it was an email. Because that’s what they’re designed to look like is an email. One of the other things that I really like about the G. Mail ads. Is the ability to actually upload H.T.M.L. into AD result this is something that you really could never do adverts before but now you can upload an entire H.T.M.L. email that you have created. And that will appear as a full blown advertisement for Google on the on on G. Mail. Sorry. Now if you know anything about me. You know that I’m constantly looking for ways to decrease costs. But still have high. Effectiveness. And I’ve found that these G.-Mail ads. Can do just that. The reason being is one. There’s millions of in boxes and. When you’re targeting you target based off of keywords you target based off of interest groups and things of that nature you don’t target based off of placements you don’t target based off of apps. Obviously because you’re focusing in just on G. Mail. And there are some audience types that you can’t use. When you’re doing your targeting but that’s fine because between keywords and doing some of the general audiences people for instance interested in advertising people inches and medical field people that are in teachers. We have seen such great tremendous. Growth and decreasing cost because it. Seriously costs more than half as much as it would on any other area of Google. We have. We have a client right now that we’re currently working with that we are running G.-Mail ads with primarily at this point. To teachers. They have a company that targets. Educators. And so we’re currently running these G. Mail ads. And we’re getting tremendous click through rate we’re getting click through rates in the third with thirty percent right now now that’s even high for just an e-mail campaign in general but we’re getting a thirty percent clicks year a on these G.-Mail ads being sent to these educators and. We are seeing a fifty percent reduction in their costs compared to search advertising and other advertising mediums that we’ve been kind of working with with this company. And we’re getting more engagement. We’re getting more conversions coming from these G.-Mail ads and we have been coming from anywhere else. So I just want to push out to to everybody is you’ve got to try these G. Mail ads and how you do it is you create a display network campaign now I especially if you’ve never really done any type of display network there’s a great tool in your ad words tool box. You can go to it’s the display planner. Open up the display planner create your campaign inside the display planner so that way. You get the keywords the. The placements the audience types and all those that will best suit your landing page. Picked out for you. So that way you don’t have to figure it out yourself if you’re a professional obviously use the tools that you use to figure out the those things. Then once you’ve built the campaign using the display planner. Then go into the AG roups. In any one of them you’re going to create an ad. Inside the ad gallery. Click new ads click at Gallery. And then one of the options you’re going to see is a gene mail ad. Then when you click on that you’re going to see a couple more options that appear someone will be a full H.T.M.L.. That you can upload. Others will be multiproduct or a single product. Things that nature. I usually pick single product I don’t like doing multiproduct. Advertising. Just because there’s too much that goes on I really I’m a believer in hyper focusing. And so pick one product that you want to hyper focus on. And create a single product G.-Mail ad. Once you’ve entered in all the information that’s required then you’re going to go out and copy that into all the other ad groups that you created with your display planner. And then just let it run give it a decent budget whatever you can afford. I mean if you’re just doing the simply for test run. Doing twenty dollars a day. As your test budget is probably going to deliver some great result SEO that’s usually what will start with. When we’re doing some test budgets will do twenty bucks a day. And then once you’re ready to go. Then we’re able to really start ramping up song like so we’ve got a client right now just in the GMO ads alone. We’re spending about three hundred bucks a day. Just in the G M L ads by themselves and we’re just said we’re getting amazing results from them. So go ahead and try those out. And let me know in the comments or email me or whatnot. How those turned out for you. So one of the things that we want to do with this part gas is educate people and also talk about advertising in general where we find the advertising world. Tips and Tricks. And just ways for us to improve our businesses through marketing. I hope that you enjoy this short little PA cast we’re going to again we’re going to keep trying to keep it short and simple. So that way you can get the information that she need right now. All of the podcasts are being brought to you by my own company. Touch Point digital where. If you need any help with your online advertising you need one on one consulting. If you need someone to fully self manage or fully manage your ads. We have the capabilities here in-house to do that our clients are awesome. We love our clients and we treat you guys well. And we make sure that you get an R O Y That’s kind of our big thing is that you get an R O Y. On average right now. Our clients will see anywhere between a six. To a ten percent conversion rate with their ads. Which is pretty good at the we’re consistently getting that with the goal to constantly strive to getting it better and better and better. As well as decreasing costs as much as possible we’re very cost conscious for all of our clients. So again. These are brought to you by Touch Point digital you can visit us online at Touch Point digital dot com. And we look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Have a great day.